The LaRochester Love Story

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When I was listening to The LaRochester Love Story I almost ruined the video several times. I couldn’t help myself from laughing at the situations these two found themselves in. I won’t get into here but watch the video and you will understand. You never know when your good thing is going to come and do your best to not diss her basketball skills when you do.

The LaRochester Love Story was so much fun to produce considering how much fun these two are. You can see it in the video… they are hilarious together. These two vibe on the same frequency and its a goal unmarried guys like me aim to achieve.

I normally pitch love story videos as a way to get 20 minutes of alone time during the reception. At weddings, couples are usually running around nonstop or have people coming to take pictures every other moment.

The love story videos that I produce for couples can range anywhere from 15-20 minutes. I allow you to tell me your story and I ask questions along the way. It’s always fun for me to get two different stories that lead you to the same destination. This add on is $350 by itself or just add it to whichever package you get.

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