The Johnson Love Story

by Brandon T.
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Love Story videos are a great add on to your wedding experience. This video is something that we do months before you wedding. I take you and your fiance out to a location that either just looks good or is special to the both of you. I film you interacting with each other in all the ways possible to show people a more intimate look into your relationship. Many people know your together and they know you’re getting married, but many don’t know how you got to this point.

After we shoot all the cute stuff, I split you up so I can interview each of you. I ask questions related to the journey you both have been on. How you met? What was the first date like? Describe the proposal for me? I do all this for both of you so I can weave it all together with the footage we got of you earlier along with pictures you might have from while you were dating.

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