The Dukes Love Story

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This is the Dukes Love Story video and when I create these it helps me get to know my couples on a more intimate level. Understanding the dynamics of their relationship and how it all started allows me to figure out how to tell their story. I can remember them watching this at the reception and it was so much love in the room. Everyone there understood how serious and deep the love between these two really went. The Dukes Love Story is a true love story. They go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. It just wouldn’t be the same unless they were together.

I normally pitch love story videos as a way to get 20 minutes of alone time during the reception. At weddings, couples are usually running around nonstop or have people coming to take pictures every other moment.

The love story videos that I produce for couples can range anywhere from 15-20 minutes. I allow you to tell me your story and I ask questions along the way. It’s always fun for me to get two different stories that lead you to the same destination. This add on is $350 by itself or just add it to whichever package you get.


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