Valentine’s Day Wedding Sale

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We are excited to announce our Valentine’s Day Wedding Sale for all the beautiful couples looking for a videographer for their special day. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we would like to offer you $250 off any one of the 5 video packages. If you are still on the fence about having a videographer at your wedding, please consider how you might regret not having one in 5 years when you only have pictures to help you remember all the beautiful moments from one of the biggest days of your life.Valentines Day Sale

Don’t miss out on all the memories that pictures can’t capture.

Our wedding video packages start at $1,000 and stop at $2,500. With our Valentine’s Day Wedding Sale, the range would be from $750 to $2,250. You have until February 29th to secure your package. We also offer flexible payment options depending upon the date of your wedding.

The day goes by so fast, wouldn’t you want a video of all the special moments you may have missed.

We have plenty of add ons to ensure you are receiving everything you need. Take a look at our love story videos to see if that add on works for you.

Click on our investment options to see the full list of rates and offerings.


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