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Differences In Wedding Videographers & Filming Styles

There are only a few filming styles in which a wedding videographer can film your special day. One is Point and Shoot, another is documentary style, and the last is cinematic. All three suitable, but it just depends on your budget to get the quality you expect in the final product. It’s very true… you get what you pay for.


Why do I need a Wedding Videographer?

Wedding videos are still relatively new to the wedding world and it’s rapidly gaining respect amongst newlyweds that are tech savvy. Having the ability to stream or post your wedding video online is really important for couples that have family or friends out of state that can’t make it in town. That’s why having a wedding videographer is so important.


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Do you have family or friends that can't make it to your wedding? Livestreaming is the way of the future. We can set up your livestream on Facebook or youtube to ensure your loved ones don't have to miss your big day. Ask me about this new premium service.

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